Web Applications

A properly designed website helps to stand out and differentiate your company from other competitors. Most important of all it serves to identify ones company from the first place, and builds up brand awareness among targeted customers. Today an e-commerce website creates billion dollars of sales volume, and sometimes even outperforms conventional sales channels. The main purpose of a website includes
A. Promote Brand Awareness
Today the reputational value of a company brand worths billions of dollars. It is irreplaceable and indispensable, and it defines a company's image. Meanwhile the creation of brand awareness among customers becomes one of the biggest challenges for advertising companies.
B. Information dissemination
A website helps to disseminate the latest product information to public in a fast and cost effective way. Technical and aftersales support can be offered online via website to provide instant delivery and intimate caring to customers.
C. Customer Relationship Management
Retaining repeat customers costs far less than looking for new ones. In order to nurture customer loyalty, and increase the percentage return customers, well-designed web applications like micro-blog, newsletter, online 24 x 7 support with chat service are of most importance.
D. e-Catalogue
The latest product information can be distributed to customers via company website. Any changes of product can be conducted electronically at fingertips without major interruption. Comparing to conventional printed materials, catalogues have to be reprinted and old materials become a waste, not to mention the delivery charges.
E. e-Shopping
Today, e-commerce provides the biggest potential for the application of website. Amount of sales volume in Europe alone soared over 300 billion euro. It is expected that the turnover on internet for products and services on Taobao, the biggest e-commerce website in china, reaches over 1 trillion RMB in 2013.
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