Printing was invented by chinese around 200AD, and large scale movable type presses has been around for thousand years. While mechanical printing press was invented by a German, Johannes Gutenberg, in 1440, german remains one of the technological leaders in printing industry since then. Ever since the boom of internet era, people believed that printing industry will be diminished, and marketing will be solely conducted on internet. However a survey conducted by Deloitte in 2012 found that over 80% of magazine readers or book lovers still prefer to have articles via print. Though the number of users in tablets is still on the rise, printing is still thriving and is yet one the most preferable medium for advertising and marketing. Our desktop publishing program supports PDF workflow and the latest Adobe CS6.0 Suite. Start discussing with our experienced staff to initiate your project at any time.

Conventional Printing - Conventional printing uses regular ink instead of CMYK color in digital printing. Our Heidelberg 4 color and 2 color over 2 color perfector offer both unbeatable prices and efficiency to your printing jobs.

Digital Printing - We have experienced staff to help adopting your design with our latest desktop publishing including Adobe CS6.0 Suite. In order to cut short your project turn around time, please contact our staff at earlier stage of your development cycle. This helps to cut short not only your turn around time but also your cost...

Coating - Other than aqueous based coating, we also provide UV coating or spot UV to fit your special coating needs. From book or catalogue binding, hole punching to shrink wrapping. We also provide a 24 x 7 ftp uploading / downloading service to shorted your project cycle. Just rely on our professional advice and services, and you can concentrate on your expertises to provide better services to serve your customers.