Lighting is of utmost importance irregardless of whether you are photo shooting for products or models inside a studio or shooting for objects in open air as reflections and shadows strongly affect the perception of the final pictures. While shooting itself might only take a few ms to at most a few seconds, lighting set up, white balancing, compensation with reflection and overall construcion might take days.

Outdoor Photography - For outdoor photography, in order to make sure you can get a good photograph, the first thing to keep in mind is to have a uniform lighting across the object or scene you are going to take. An overexposed (too bright) spot cannot be readily compensated by post processing on computer with the help of software tools. Likewise an underexposed (too dark) spot causes the same problem as no matter how good you are with software tools, you can't really create something with no details. To obtain a natural and even lighting, shooting under a cloudy but bright day is much better than that under a sunny day with dense shadows. So it is better to take photos in the morning or in the afternoon instead of noon, and avoid shooting objects under shadows.

Indoor Photography -Indoor photography is much more easier as lighting is with our own control. However one has to take care of the white balance under different unnatural lighing using fluorescent tubes with unnatural colour temperatures or very low CRI. Normally human eyes can easily distinguish what is 'WHITE' under different light sources, however, digital camera with automatic 'white balance' will artificially introduce colour compensation which might make the colour look tinted with blue, green or orange.

Daiichi Kogyo has in house photo shooting studio with different lighting equipment and scenario settings to suit your needs. No matter whether you are shooting for small objects like jewelries, watches and premium items, or large objects like models with fashion, we provide HD professional photo shooting with post processing touch up services to facilitate your printing requirements.

Just rely on our professional advice and services, and you can concentrate on your expertises to provide better services to serve your customers.