Photo Retouching

Photo retouching / restoration is both an art and craftsmanship. With to date advances in photography technologies, one no longer needs to retake a few dozens of pictures or to wait for days in order to take a shot. On the contrary, a competent, skillful and experienced software craftsman can help to conduct post processing or retouching of a picture by using software tools. Photo retouching includes one or more of the following techniques:

A. Commercial Products / Scenery Photos
a. Background or foreground objects removal / addition;
b. Colour adjustment like saturation, exposure, colour correction, colour replacement, etc;
c. Contrast and Brightness adjustments;
d. Object restoration
B. Protraits
a. Body blemishes removal;
b. Red eyes removal;
c. Colour enhancement;
d. Object removals or displacement;
e. Background changes;
f. Beauty or fashion makeover;
g. Body restoration.