Our major services include early concept realization, advertising, brand imaging, product photography, graphic design, packaging, and multimedia design and production. With over 50 years experiences in the market, we are experts in promotional items like small to ultra size banner production, pamphlets, posters, POP stands, product catalogue design & production, and preimum items. You can rely on our multimedia production for your company profiling, product promotional video, e-catalogue etc. Our major clients include multi-national clients with products ranging from consumer goods, food items, cosmetics, T-shirts, premium items etc. Our energetic design team has over 20 years experiences in the Hong Kong market and a fast turn-around time is guaranteed.

We provide long term services commitment to our customers. With our mirrored RAID 5 data hosting backbone and data recovery capability, we have provided long term data hosting services for our customers. Irregardless of whether you are making minor changes to your product series or are conducting a full scale upgrade or your product catalogue, you can rely on us for your data backup and storage. 

We have long providing services to renowned japanese clients who consider Quality Control as one on the most importance issues to their customers. Stringent quality assurance is always one of our main concerns in order to fulfill customer satisfaction. Our quality assurance team has extensive experiences in past years, and we can provide 100% quality checked upon customer request.