E-Marketing refers to the marketing and promotion of your company products or services via digital technologies or platforms. Today marketing activities are not limited to conventional printed matters,TV or radio commericals, advertisments include also electronic means like direct emails, micro-blogs, mobile apps, e-catalogue, etc. Due to the cost effectiveness and portability of e-Marketing, it is especially popular among small to medium size companies and startups. The spread of internet and mobile users in fact has created a whole new paradigm for marketing across different cultures and even continents.
A. Channels of e-Marketing
a. Emails;
b. SMS;
c. TV or radio commericals;
d. Web sites;
e. Mobile Applications;
f. Micro-blogs;
g. E-catalogue
B. Benefits of e-Marketing over conventional printed matters
a. Lower cost - With the abundant electronic means of information distribution, the promotional cost / client is much lower than that of conventional printed matters, let alone TV or radio commercials;
b. Personalized marketing - Due to the speed of e-generations, and availability of more personal information, a one-on-one personalized marketing is made possible with the help of some data mining software;
c. Proactive Marketing - With the help of mobile "pushing", marketers could provide instant promotional information to patrons who are at the proximity of their shops or items that of their customers are of interest;
d. Measurable results - While customers can reactive to instant messages, company side can also measure the responses of a promotional campaign by tracking the number of responding clients. This statistical information provides indispensible data to the evaluation of the effectiveness of a PR function;
e. On-line catalogue - Customers can directly browse and compare the products of a company via its web site. If a company has its payment gateway, sales profits can be realized through the use of web catalogue and shopping cart.
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